We develop engineering software based on mathematical mmodeling & computer simulation touderstand a system which is depends on unknown parameters

Structral faliures due to envirobmental degradation in air, water & underground account for huge economic loss, accidents & human casualities.

Energy from biomass derived biofuels through Fuel cell . Pollution free high energy conversion efficiency

Our work principles

We are a growing company, striving to come out with the best solutions,
with refinement of analytical decisions and ideas, to suit the needs of our clients.
Our qualification, experience, expertise, and devotion
to apply ourselves for the solutions to your problems
at a price will always remind you to think of us.


We are a dynamic team of Engineers, IT professionals ,  Professors and Research scientists and Business professionals.  We do consultancy and  advisory services to industrial and office problems to lift your business economy.  We also perform  scientific investigation , in-depth and fundamental research to technical and engineering problems. We develop and test engineering  software.


About us


Education & Training

We give online & offline eduation in  major areas of material science & enng, Modeling Programming, Software design, Fuel cell , Energy from Biomass.

We also  train young graduate to job ready in sofware , system engineering, Corrosion & Protection , Iron & steel making, Metals production from waste. Company professionals  are trained to different industry oriented corses and certificates